Simply Clean and Green

The cleaning industry employs about 2.8 million potentially exposed janitors. In addition to these professional janitorial staff, who can be assumed to use cleaning products daily, many other building occupants perform light cleaning on a routine or occasional basis, e.g. dusting, wiping off desks and counters, etc. All building occupants are potentially exposed to the volatile components of cleaning products. Data from Washington State show that about 6 percent of janitors experience a job-related injury from chemical exposure to cleaning products every year.  (Sources: Green Seal Standard and Environmental Evaluation for General-Purpose, Bathroom, and Glass Cleaners Used for Industrial and Institutional Purposes, October 2000; Greening the Janitorial Business- How to Select and Use Safe Janitorial Chemicals, Workshop for NISH, US Dept. of Interior, November 2001)

About Us

Simply Clean and Green has been in the business of green cleaning for 19 years.  We clean commercial, professional, medical and residential using ecologically safe and natural products. 

Traditional cleaning solutions are loaded with harsh chemicals that are designed to make the job easier. But most of these are toxic, polluting substances that can cause devastating environmental pollution – and, for some, such as our children, pets, and loved ones, long-term health concerns. As an eco-friendly cleaning company, we use 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients that produce the same effect without damaging the earth.