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What it Means to Be “Green”

Eco-friendly and Non-toxic

Back in 2011, I realized how chemically polluted most cleaning product are. They can be bad for our health and bad for the environment. All our products are made from safe, non-toxic ingredients. They consist of naturally-derived ingredients from plants such as essential oils, and natural extracts from basil, lemon, birch bark. We use cleaning products that are 98% all-natural with no artificial fillers or fragrances. The products that we bring into your home are completely safe for you, your loved ones, as well as your beloved pets, and the environment. They have all the cleaning power of a commercial product and leave a fresh, clean, smell.

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Sustainable, Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products

At Simply Clean & Green, we believe it’s important to keep Earth toxic-free for us, our children and future generations. We follow the three R’s of sustainability:


We  invest in products that require minimal packaging.


- the containers we use are at least 25% post-consumer packaging


- every bottle we use is 100% recyclable

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